Negril, Jamaica

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Diving at Hedo

Hedonism II dive instructors offer scuba training four days a week. Take the 1 day Discover Suba Resort Course for $70 or the 3 day PADI fulll certification course for $350 US dollars. After certification you will continue to dive for free with the Hedo dive crew.

Discover Scuba Resort Course - $70
If you're not yet qualified to dive you can take the introductory Discover Scuba class. You'll watch a short DVD, learn key dive skills in the pool and go out on the shallow dive with other new divers.  Hedo dive staff will stay close as you learn to explore underwater.  They will guide you through shallow coral reefs teaming with fish, turtles, rays and eel.

Referred Open Water Course - $250
For those who completed the classroom step online you will bring the referral certifacte and start in water skills training with the resort instructor, You are ready to finish your pool skills and four open water dives and final instruction in just two days at Hedonism 2. Remember to bring the online course certificate or the referral letter from your local PADI instructor to qualify. 

FULL Open Water Course - $350
The full PADI certification class begins with DVD and classroom instruction. There are quizes for practice and a final exam. Dive skills and tank assembly are taught at the prude side pool. The instructor will then take you on 4 open water dives to watch your proficiency. If you need additional dive instruction, the instructor is always happy to provide it.  The full PADI Open water class at Hedo II takes 3 days.

Advanced Diver Certifications - $250
Certified divers can also advance their PADI certification levels while vacationing at Hedo. Courses available include: Scuba Navigation, Deep Dive Planning, Bouyancy Control and Underwater Photography. 

Feeling Rusty?
Refresher training is available.
Just ask at the Hedo dive shop office.

Scuba Diving at Hedonism 2
Hedonism II has a PADI 5 star dive center and excellent dive sites nearby for both beginner and advanced divers. Scuba diving is FREE for guests at Hedonism II Resort. The Hedo dive crew is always professional and very helpful.

Hedonism 2 Dive Boat
Hedonism 2 Dive Boat - Negril, Jamaica